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MyBizCMS boosts supports moves your business.

A team with the mission to provide affordable, affective and productive premium web scripts to you. Our aim is to deliver a perfect product that is easy to use, highly customizable and offering innovative features to our clients. Our qualified support team is always there to provide assistance with our products.

Key Features

Add Users

Add new admins, marketers and clients.

Add Items

Add new product categories and products.

Sales Pipeline

Define your own sales lead types and sales stages.

Automated Commissions

Automated commission calculation once a sale is completed.

Track Sales Activities

Gain complete visibility of your sales entry cycle. Align sales efforts with your business objectives.

Add Payments

Add sales entry payments.

Connect with Clients

Communicate with customers via email, phone, and messaging from within your MyBizCMS account.

Accept Payments

Accept online payments from clients through PayPal, Stripe, Checkout and PesaPal. More options coming soon.

Accept Orders

Accept online orders from clients.

Order Status

Clients can view the status of their order through Clients Addon app.

Invoicing and Receipting

Generate invoices and receipts.

Invoice Status

View paid and overdue invoices.


Generate entries and payment reports based on dates.

Products Display

Clients can view all the company's products and services from the clients addon app when they are logged in.