How to update tinyBiz after installation

8 Oct 2018 1:49 PM By admin tinyBiz

Payment Settings
From Settings->Payment Settings, Switch between Sandbox/Test and Live modes for online payments.

Email Templates
From Settings->Email Templates, Update email templates based on your company. Enable or disable emails also.

User Roles
To add staff(users), you need first to add user roles and their permissions. Add roles from Settings->User Roles.

Payment Modes
From Settings->Sales Settings->Payment Modes, you can add offline payment modes. For example, Banks.

Order Settings
Enable or disable automatic order confirmation from Settings->Sales Settings->Order Settings.
When confirm order automatically is enabled, and client palces an order, the system converts it to a deal and creates invoice immediately to facilitate payment. Clients gets a notification automatically to make the invoice payment.

Invoices Setup
Setup invoice prefix and thank you note from Settings->Sales Settings->Invoices.

Contract Settings
Setup contract types from Settings->Contract Settings to add your contracts.

Knowledge Base Settings
Setup knowledge base groups from Settings->Knowledge Base Settings.

Setup your departments by going to Settings->Departments. These are relevant for clients support.

Create Account Option
From Settings->Create Accounts, you can enable or disable Create account option on homepage. Note: This option only creates account for customers.

From Settings->CronJob->CronJob Settings, setup cron jobs to send expiry reminders to clients. You can run the cron jobs manually from Settings->CronJob->CronJob or use the given url

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