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Created: 07/11/2018
Updated: 12/01/2019
By: MyBizCMS
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Thank you for purchasing doitX. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via info@mybizcms.com. Thank you so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. System Requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Settings
  5. Live or Sandbox
  6. Demo
  7. System Update
  8. Sources and Credits

A) Introduction - top

doitX is complete and fully functional Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is a great fit for almost any company, small business owners, or many other uses. A tool that brings all important information all together. With its excellent design, doitX help you look more professional to your customers and to public, helping you improve business performance all together.

Drive your sales operations from entries to invoices to payments with all the information you need, easily accessible. Keep track of products, sales, payments, automate invoicing and notify sales team when they have things to do. The whole company’s processes simplified in a simple modern light-weight system that will change how you do business.

Key Features

Easily manage any sales entry with any of its attached tem in clear. Generate invoice, add payment or even comment on any entry.

For products, you can make them sellable or not. Sellable products are visible to customers and can be added to entries. Products can either be tagible or intagible.

Stock Management
With the CRM's stock management feature, inventory of products is kept in control. Out of stock products cannot be added to entries. You can set re-order point and warranty period for tangible products.

You can generate invoices on entries to facilitate payments. You can iclude tax and discounts when generating invoices. Ivoices can the be sent to customers in pdf format. You can customize your PDF files in any sizes rangng from A1-A7, font colours and sizes, include thank you note, include admin note, include client note, include terms, etc.

Acept orders from your customers. With this, orders can be confirmed automatically or manually from within the system. For manual orders, you need to assign a users to validate the orders.

Online Payments
Receive payments from Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, 2Checkout payment gateways that are available in most of the countries.

You can easily access reports and export in Copy, CSV, Excel and PDF. View reports graphically, from any date ranges or specific item.

Email Templates
Setup predefined email templates with friendly variables based on a specific item from text editor.

Roles Permissions
You can assign specific roles with permissions to users on whatever you would want them to do.

You can backup all files uploaded at any point of the system, database in SQL format. For database, you can set automatic backup after every X days to prevent losing your important data.

Activity Logs
Every activity done on this system is fully recorded and can be traced back.

Date Time Formats
From within the system, you can customize, in any way that exists, how date / time will be displayed.

This CRM is fully responsive, that is, You can easily access your data from any device regardless of its size.

B) System Requirements - top

All the above requirements are always default in almost all php servers.

Download server requirements test file from Server Requirements

C) Installation - top

Configure database connection

You need to have previously setup database from the cPanel.

Here is a good tutorial how to setup MySQL database in cPanel if you are not familiar with this.

  1. Login to cPanel by accessing www.yourdomain.com/cpanel and navigate go MySQL Databases.
  2. Create database first.
  3. Create user and setup your password.
  4. Add the user to database by selecting the database and the username.

Make sure you have checked All privileged when adding the user to database.


Upload the files to your hosting folder and navigate to your base url https://yourdomain.com/app/install.


Make sure all the system requirements are met in order to proceed with installation.


Populate the fields according to your database and Click "Install & Proceed to Company Profile".

If any erros found while connecting you will be notified otherwise you will proceed to complete your profile


Fill all the required details and then "Save & Proceed to your Profile"

The currecy you select will be the base currency. It is important to be sure about your choice. Default currency can be changed later but will affect the values of your items, which means you will need to update the items value. too


Fill out every field and "Complete Installation".



After successful installation you need to:
Login using the your email and password used during installation

That's it.

D) Update Settings - top

Payment Settings

From Settings->Payment Settings, Switch between Sandbox/Test and Live modes for online payments.

Email Templates

From Settings->Email Templates, Update email templates based on your company. Enable or disable emails also.

User Roles

To add staff(users), you need first to add user roles and their permissions. Add roles from Settings->User Roles.

Payment Modes

From Settings->Sales Settings->Payment Modes, you can add offline payment modes. For example, Banks.

Order Settings

Enable or disable automatic order confirmation from Settings->Sales Settings->Order Settings. When confirm order automatically is enabled, and client palces an order, the system converts it to a deal and creates invoice immediately to facilitate payment. Clients gets a notification automatically to make the invoice payment.

Invoices Setup

Setup invoice prefix and thank you note from Settings->Sales Settings->Invoices.

Create Account Option

From Settings->Create Accounts, you can enable or disable Create account option on homepage. Note: This option only creates account for customers.


From Settings->CronJob->CronJob Settings, setup cron jobs to send expiry reminders to clients. You can run the cron jobs manually from Settings->CronJob->CronJob or use the given url

E) Live or Sandbox - top

For online payment gateways, you will need to get doitX Clients Addon to allow customers pay for their invoices. But still invoices can be paid for manually.

Change the online payment gateways from Sandox or Live from Settings->Payment Settings.

F) Demo - top

Username - admin@mybizcms.com
Password - adminadmin
Login URL - https://mybizcms.com/demos/doitx/users/login

Username - staff@mybizcms.com
Password - staffstaff
Login URL - https://mybizcms.com/demos/doitx/users/login

Note : You can add your own staff members with different roles.

G) System Update - top

If you have purchased doitX and new version is available you will need to upgrade your current version by simply following the steps below and you'll have the latest version installed.

Upgrading from v1.0 to v1.1

  1. Backup your database first.
  2. Copy and replace the existing files of doitX version 1.0. DO NOT DELETE ANY FILE, just COPY and REPLACE
  3. Visit www.yourwebsite.com/app/install and follow the easy steps.
  4. After upgrade delete install folder from /doitx/app folder

Always backup your files and database before doing an upgrade

Note: Upgrade can only be done by superadmin(installer of the system).

H) Sources and Credits - top

We've used the following libraries or other files as listed.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing doitX. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this CMS. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on Codecanyon, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.


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